Monday, 18 July 2011

Function of Business Communiaction

Business is communication. Each and every activity of business involves communication. It helps to perform internal and external activities of business. It acts as a life line for a business. It is nothing new but deals with business activities. Various experts have given various opinion regarding the function of business communication, some of the notable function are highlighted below:

1. Information function: Business has external and external activities are supported and co-ordinate by internal activities. So, a bridge is required to integrate and adjust and such is provided by business communication e.g. To sell any new product in the market required advertisement because it highlight the product and customers are attracted to buy the product. So, it is a business communication to inform the general people. Moreover the making of advertisement requires financing which involves in internal activities of the management.
2. Command and instruction function: Plans and policy are formulated at the top level management and forwarded to various division, unit or department in-terms of various instructions or notification. Moreover command is given to the workers to work in accordance with guidelines of the company. Business Communication is the means to provide command and instructions.

3. Motivational function: It is the key to word more and such motivation can be a latter which praises the individual with words of excellence or appreciation. Such action is the output of business communication.

4. Integration and co-ordination function: Integration and coordination of activities are required to attain organization goal. Business communication helps to maintain the follow:
a) Ensure supply chain management.
b) Build network among employees to share information.
c) Provide basis for croos checking to activities done.

5. Understanding and insight function: Business communication opens the door to understand each other. There are continuous communication between top level and lower level management. There are requirements of close relationship with external parties as business develops, grows and sustains of close relationship with the help of various stake holders. Both internal and external relationship provide us opportunity to discover ourselves.

6. Relation function: Communication is the key to build relationship among the individual, group, society and nations. We need care to develop, we need opportunity to grow and we need love & affection to survive. So relationship with other is the vital issue and therefore we see the presence of employee relation, customer relation, public relation and other. Business communication is the theme to maintain such relation.

7. Solving function: Business firms face problems everyday internally and externally in-terms of operation and coordination. Success of business requires timely solution of respective problems and therefore proper communication with stakeholders are compulsory.

8. Decision making function: Management makes decisions and therefore needs accurate information timely. The function of business communication is to provide relevant information to the management to amke corrected decision.

9.Implementation function: Top level management initiate Plans and policies which need to be implemented by operation units. Such implementation are possible through means of business communication.

10. Image building function: Strong image of a business firm helps it to gain competitive advantage in the market. Business communication enhance image and helps to retain it.


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