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Contribution Of Holy Books in Communication-Islamic History

Holy books have the most contribution to the development of communication in this universe. Because this Holy books have given the information of mystery of origin of human being as well as the emergence of other  things. The thirty Holy books from the almighty ALLAH towards the first human being in this world, Adam, bear the little of first written communication. Those Holy books help a lot to know about the background of creating this world and its all living beings as well as elements.
Subsequently there were other Holy books such as TAORAT, ZABUR, INGIL & The Holly Quran. Quran form ALLAH with the objective of creating and maintaining communication with the creator and the creation. As the first three Holy books do not remain intact. We have follow the Holy Quran forever.

Let us highlight some aspects from the viewpoint of The Holy Quran
1. Creation of human being: Sura Bakara of the Quran tells us about the history of creation of human being. Before the creation of human being, the Almighty Allah called a meeting and expressed his desire to create human being towards messengers. His messengers were worried about such creation but he said "what i know, you don't know",Before sending human being to the earth, He called upon allthe souls and asked them "Am I not your children? "In reply all the soul said "Yes you are. "All these emphasize about communication.

2. Providing knowledge of materials to Adam (A.S): After the creation of first human being, Adam, ALLAH gave him knowledge and idea regarding all materials, goods & things. He was alone in the heaven. So he appealed for his companion to the Almighty Allah and Allah created Hawa (A.S). After that because of avoidance of order of Almighty Allah, they were sent to the earth. Praying for a long time, they were forgiven by the most Merciful Allah who ordered them to live in this world permanently.All these events bear the real example of formal communication. 

Lesson from the life of Hazrat Mohammad (SM)
The appearance of Holy Quran on our dearest prophet Mohammad (SM) teels us about formal communication. The meeting with Hazrat Zibrael (A.S) at the cave of hill named 'HIRA', the division of moon by our prophet through his gesture, the invitation of islam towards the people of the world, "Madina declaration" made by him and his last speech at Arafat premise clearly exhibits about live communication. All the activities and functions of our Prophet were initiated towards the welfare of human civilization. And he was successful to bring peace in the strife torn Arab because of his praiseworthy communication.

3. Communication with Hazrat Musa (A.S): Hazrat Musa  (AS) was eager to see the almighty Allha and therefore he communicated his desire to Allha. He was ordered to be present at the top of hill named TUR. When he was present there, and asked to see the sky. As soon as he saw the sky, he lost his sense and fell down there. This event is the concrete example of communication.

Other Contribution of Islam:
He was thrown to the fire because of uttering the nae of Allha. But What Allha wills, no frost can kiil. He had better time there than ever because of spiritual communication with Allha. After that he was orderd by Allha to sacrifice his dearest son Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). He started to slaughter his son according to instruction but he faild and Allha gave him the reward as he overcame the test. In lieu of Ismail (A.S) a sheep was ordered to be sacrificed in the name of Allha, All these teel about spiritual communication.

* Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S): There was devastating flood during the period Hazrat Nuh (A.S). Before flood he was orderd by Allha to make a ship and take his followers in the ship to reach a safer place.

* Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A): When he was elected as a Caliph of Islam. He announced in a large assemnly that I am an ordinary person like all of you and I will operate the country according to Holy Quran and Sunnah and need cooperatio from all. That public communication helped a lo t.

* Hazrat Omar (R.A): The example set by hazrat Omar regarding ruling a country is written in the golden letters in the history. He used to visit each house in his state to see the condition of people through his own eyes. He used to take foods from the state godown and would serve in the world for his contribution to the poor.

* Hazrat Ali (R.A): He also made a milestone in the development of communication. He wrote a letter named. A classic Administrative Policy Letter to the governor of Egypt. He highlighted not only the administrative aspect but also made emphasis on communication with general people. Modern age of communication can have a great lesson from such letter.


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